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Saturday, July 21
11:00 - 12:00pm

Come to the Shelburne Farmer's Market and gather for storytime with Farmers John and Jennifer Churchman and their dog, Laddie!

SATURDAY, JULY 21 at 11 am — Shelburne Farmer's Market on Church Street in Shelburne, VT

Alpaca Lunch is the newest in the adorable Sweetpea series of books by the Churchmans of Essex.

This is the fourth book by the authors of the media sensation and instant New York Times bestseller The Sheepover, featuring an adventurous young alpaca who discovers new foods growing around the farm. 
Poppy the alpaca is excited to discover new plants, fruits, and vegetables growing around Moonrise Farm. She tries dandelions in the spring, strawberries in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, and so much more! But when a frost arrives, Poppy can't find any more tasty treats. What happened to the mint and flowers? Where did the apples and squash go? What will she eat for lunch? Lucky for Poppy, someone has filled the barn to the brim with a surprise that she and her animal friends can eat all winter long.

Alpaca Lunch encourages healthy eating and trying new foods as the animals explore an array of colorful fruits and vegetables--some that kids may never have seen before! This charming story by John and Jennifer Churchman features real animals on their bustling Vermont farm including a herd of adorable alpacas, as well as fan favorites from The SheepOverBrave Little Finn, and A Farm for Maisie.


John Churchman is a photographer, artist, and farmer. Jennifer Churchman is a multimedia artist and writer. John and Jennifer combine their talents to give voice to the stories of all the animals who surround them and add boundless enjoyment to their lives. They have made their home on a small farm in the beautiful countryside of Essex, Vermont, with their daughter Gabrielle. They are also the authors of Brave Little FinnA Farm for Maisie,and the New York Times bestseller The SheepOver

Event Location

Shelburne Farmer's Market Church St., Shelburne, VT

Alpaca Lunch (Hardcover )

  • By Jennifer Churchman
  • Price: $17.99
  • ISBN 9780316411608
  • Published: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers


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